Meet Whitney

Whitney’s love of baking began at an early age working alongside her mom and great grandmother in the kitchen. Her passion for baking grew, and soon she began experimenting in the kitchen on her own. By twelve-years-old, she aspired to be a pastry chef.

In 2010 at just 22 years of age, Whitney auditioned for the first season of Fox’s MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay. Not only did she make it onto the show, she WON! It was on this journey that her fame for her desserts began. Quickly she was deemed the “Pastry Princess”.

Our Story

What began with Whitney’s love of sweets and passion for baking, led to Whitney launching her own cookie company. Our founder and head chef, Whitney Miller, launched Whitney’s Cookies in 2019 in Franklin, Tennessee. Her cookies are made with real ingredients, crafted with love and attention to detail, resulting in the most flavorful cookies you’ve ever tasted.

How It Began

During the 13 years of being featured at events and cooking
on stages and in kitchens across the world, Whitney’s most requested dessert
item was her brownie cookie. Its popularity sparked the idea for Whitney to
create her own cookie company so that everyone could enjoy her cookies, and
with that she launched Whitney’s Cookies.

While traveling the world and sharing meals with
others, Whitney discovered how powerful food really is. It’s more than the
sustenance of life; it is the cornerstone upon which people of every culture
gather to celebrate all of life’s events. Because of this, she has made it her
mission to be a part of creating “food memories” with cookies that people enjoy
and maybe even share. Lots of love and countless hours are spent on every
single cookie recipe, as you will soon experience.


While Whitney’s Cookies continues to ship
cookies all over the U.S, after years of dreaming and praying, we opened our
first retail store at the end of 2023 in historic downtown Franklin. We offer
personalized customer service, promoting unhurried conversation and making our
guests feel like family. We offer ten flavors of cookies and our in-store only
mini cookies. Because Whitney believes cookies are best enjoyed warm, we serve
them this way. At Whitney’s Cookies, we strive to Serve Up Joy One Cookie at a